Artist Programs

Fulfilling Joan Mitchell’s ambition to “aid and assist” artists, the Foundation offers a range of programs designed to meet the challenges of sustaining a career as an artist.


Artwork by the recipients of the 2019 Painters & Sculptors Grant


Legacy Specialist Alex Unthank working with CALL Artist Marcos Dimas in his studio.

Past Programs

Learn more about the past programs historically offered by the Foundation, and the awarded artists and organizations.

Early Art Practitioners
Education Programs
Emerging Artist Grants
MFA Grants
Organizational Grants


The Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors Grant grants for individual artists are only awarded through nomination. We do not have an open application process for this unrestricted grant. For further information on why we use a nomination process, please read our expanded thoughts here.

Although the Foundation is no longer providing artists with direct grants to support their legacy planning and studio organization work, CALL resources are freely available to the public via the Foundation’s resources page here and

The Foundation’s nominators are kept confidential.

The Foundation cannot accept unsolicited nominations. The Foundation invites nominators from across the country each year to participate anonymously in our grant program nominations.

The Foundation can fund painters and sculptors who have suffered losses due to a natural or man-made disaster that has affected a community. Please see the Emergency Grant section on our website for more information. You are also welcome to contact the Foundation with any questions.

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