MFA Grant Program 2012 Rowan Smith

MFA Grant Program

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Rowan Smith

California Institute of the Arts

In addition to the MFA Grant, Smith received a Career Opportunity Grant for $2,000 to assist with catalogue publication expenses.

  • The Thrill of it All/Little Lies/The Missunderstanding, 2011, Star Co. upright piano, 76 x 75 x 37cm.

  • Untitled (Tyre), 2012, bass wood, 28 x 28 x 11 1/2 cm.

  • Untitled (Burn), 2012, lightjet print, 177 x 76 cm.

  • How Meaning Can Change Over Time Through the Degradation of Speakers, 2012, 8” speakers, wood, paper, amplifier, paper, sound, 193 x 221 x 35 cm.

Artworks shown are selected from works submitted by the artist in their grant application. All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.