Painters & Sculptors Program 1995 Chakaia Booker

Painters & Sculptors Program

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Chakaia Booker

New York, NY

  • The Observance (fragmented beaded banner), 1995, tires, rubber conduit and cable, dimensions variable.

  • Untitled (male torso-left his path), 1993, tire and wood, 60 x 66 x 42 inches.

  • Untitled (head of a torso that was breast feeding herself), 1992-5, tire and wood, 27 x 17 x 3 inches.

  • Repugnant Rapunzel (Let Your Hair Down) (detail), 1995, tire and wood, 33 x 25 x 22 inches.

Artworks shown are selected from works submitted by the artist in their grant application. All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.