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Painters & Sculptors Program

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Baseera Khan

Brooklyn, NY

Baseera Khan is a New York-based artist who sublimates colonial histories through performance and sculpture in order to map geographies of the future. Khan is working toward their first solo exhibition with Simone Subal Gallery, and has exhibited at Sculpture Center (2018), Aspen Museum (2017), Participant Inc. (2017), Moudy Gallery at Texas Christian University (2017), and Fine Arts Center of Colorado College (2018). They have performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Art POP Montreal International Music Festival (2017). Khan has been an artist in residence at PioneerWorks (2018-19) and Abrons Art Center (2016-17), was an International Travel Fellow to Jerusalem/ Ramallah (2015), and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (2014). Khan has received grants from NYSCA/NYFA and Art Matters (2018). Their work has been published in Artforum, Art in America, BOMB, OSMOS Magazine, unbag, The Brooklyn Rail, and TDR DramaReview. Khan received an MFA from Cornell University (2012) and a BFA from the University of North Texas (2005).

“My work synthesizes a cultural legacy of being ‘native-born Muslim American.’ I draw from personal and collective experiences, life lessons transformed into motives for obscurity and desires for protection. I seek to contradict assumptions projected upon a Muslim, Black, or Brown body by honoring my inherent intersectionality and by using concealment and abstraction as aesthetic strategies.”

  • I AM AS GOOD AS YOU ARE, 2018, handmade embroidered wool rugs on canvas, made in Kashmir, India, 48 x 30 inches each

  • Seat 24, Silver with Moon, 2019, black and iridescent pleather, lace trimmings, Islamic prayer rug, 22 x 25 x 3 inches

  • Orientalism, 2019, chromogenic prints, bangles, iridescent film, acrylic sheets, acrylic cutout, 24 x 18 inches

  • Braidrage, 2017 - ongoing, 99 unique poured dyed resin casts, embedded with wearable gold and silver chains, hair, and hypothermia blankets, 120 × 297 inches - site specific installation 

Artworks shown are selected from works submitted by the artist in their grant application. All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.