CALL Legacy Specialists Beth Krebs

Beth Krebs

Legacy Specialist with CALL Artists John Koos and Arlan Huang

Can you share what you and your Legacy Artist were able to accomplish through the CALL program?
We built an archive of more than 2200 artworks (mostly paintings on canvas and paper), and organized the work in his studio so it is safely stored and can be easily located. This organizational groundwork then made it simple to apply for opportunities and organize work for a website.

Can you give us a sense of how the CALL experience may have influenced you and your work as an artist?
The surprise and delight John finds in the world and in rediscovering his own work has been a profound reminder of how I want to live. The CALL experience has given me a picture of what a long and deep commitment to art making can look like.
What has been the most rewarding aspect of this work?
Getting to know John, his life and work.
What has been most difficult?
Ending our work together when it never feels finished.
What recommendations might you make to a Legacy Specialist in training on how to prepare for the overall CALL experience?
It seems useful to talk to a few different people who have done this work. I’ve learned a lot from the ideas and approaches of other Legacy Specialist-Legacy Artist teams.

  • Krebs installing Sky Lit

  • Understory, 2008, dimensions variable, here 16’ x 16’, 9’ high, materials: dropped ceiling grid, light cover panels, corrugated plastic

  • Facade, 2012, graphite drawings printed on duratrans. This installation was on view at Mixed Greens gallery, NY, NY, September- November, 2012.

  • Sky Lit. From one vantage point in the room, the dots line up and flatten out the space as in a drawing. Installation made in 2011 with tape, vinyl film and existing sky light. Dimensions variable (room here is 400 sq. ft.)

  • Wild Blue Yonder, 2009, materials: dropped ceiling grid and panels, cove base molding, blue foam panels, paint, cloud mobiles, fan, lights, stop time animation, monitor, motorized blimp, audio, dimensions variable (here room is 14' x 24', dropped ceiling at 9')

All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.