CALL Legacy Apprentices Elizabeth Reynoso

Elizabeth Reynoso

Legacy Apprentice with CALL Artist Arlan Huang and Legacy Specialist Beth Krebs

Can you share what you and your CALL Artist were able to accomplish through the CALL program?
When working with CALL Artist Arlan Huang, we started the database and entered new work that he had, as well as slides he had of older work. Arlan already had a good system of keeping his paintings in his storage space, so we just unwrapped and cleaned the paintings and wrapped them up in new material.   

Can you give us a sense of how the CALL experience may have influenced you and your work as an artist?
I definitely enjoyed being in an actual studio space and seeing how Arlan had arranged it. Seeing how he had developed a system of storing his paintings had me thinking of ways I can do something similar in the future. There is a lot of work that I threw out because I have no space or because I changed aesthetically. Going through Arlan's work and seeing how excited he got when seeing something old and the memories it brought back for him was something that made me double think the way I treat my work.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of this work?
Although we got a lot of work done, I think the most rewarding aspect for me was being able to get to know both Arlan and Beth, the legacy specialist. We were all at different parts of our careers and it was amazing exchanging stories and learning from both of them.

What has been most difficult?
I think the most difficult part was ending our work together. I really enjoyed the company of these artists.

What do you recommend to anyone assisting an artist in the career documentation process?
I think is it important to get to know the artist and listen to what they want to do and what is important for them.

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