CALL Legacy Specialists Sharela May Bonfield

Sharela May Bonfield

Legacy Specialist with CALL Artist Ted Kurahara

Can you share what you and your CALL Artist were able to accomplish through the CALL program?
Through the CALL program we were about to set up an inventory system for Ted Kurahara’s paintings, sketches, books and works on paper. We were able to hire a professional photographer to document Ted’s recent works. Working with the physical pieces we were able to wrap and write the inventory information on each piece. We were able to create digital files of Ted’s slides and negatives. For Ted’s flat files we were able to create portfolios and organize his flat works.

Can you give us a sense of how the CALL experience may have influenced you and your work as an artist?
CALL has influenced me to create my own inventory system for my artworks much like the Excel inventory system created for Ted. Seeing Ted’s dedication to his art practice and his amazement of the tremendous body of work he has accomplished thus far inspires me to continue making work.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of this work? 
Working with Ted Kurahara I was overwhelmed with his work ethic, kindness and patience. I enjoyed listening to Ted,talk about his process and his life as an artist and as an educator.

What has been most difficult?
The most difficult challenge has been the limited time frame (one year). It felt that we had a lot of small projects to complete and it was sometimes challenging to prioritize what was the most important.

What do you recommend to anyone assisting an artist in the career documentation process?
My advice would be to communicate with your artist at each step of the process. Ultimately the work you are doing is for them so they should have input in what decisions are being made.

  • Bonfield in studio

  • cAke, CAke, cAKE, CAKE, 2014, Cotton, Silk Organza, Embroidery Floss, Thread, 21 ½ x 21 ½”

  • My Grandmama Had Said, Cock Kill Cock Mouth, 2015, Cotton, Felt, Polyfill, Rope, Thread, Ink, 22″x11″

  • Roots, 2015, Silk, Cotton, Acrylic Paint, Hair, 45”x35“

  • Baby, Be Mine, 2015, Cotton, Thread, Acrylic Paint, 47”x22”

  • Pick-a-peppa, 2016, 12″x12″x1/4″, Cotton, Acrylic, Synthetic Hair, Beads, Rubber-bands, Thread

All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.