New CALL / VoCA Talks Released on Video

Christy Rupp in conversation with Jonathan Allen, November 10, 2018. Photo by Taylor Dafoe. Courtesy of VoCA (Voices in Contemporary Art).

We are pleased to announce that videos of the 2018-19 season of CALL / VoCA Talks are now available online

Developed in partnership with VoCA (Voices in Contemporary Art), this ongoing series is part of our Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) initiative, which provides resources for artists in the areas of studio organization, archiving, and inventory management. The Talks highlight the innovative CALL initiative while also underscoring the crucial need for dialogue with artists around the production, presentation, and preservation of their work.


CALL/VoCA Talk: Christy Rupp from Voices in Contemporary Art on Vimeo.

Christy Rupp: "I would define eco art as being interested in systems, not just representing things like a waterfall or a landscape, but being concerned about the landscapes' dynamic systems."


CALL/VoCA Talk: A Panel Discussion with Legacy Specialists from Voices in Contemporary Art on Vimeo.

Antonia Perez: "Working as a legacy specialist, and having close relationships with other artists before this who left huge volumes of work, I really had to think a lot about the amount of space my work is going to occupy when I'm gone, and what's its value is, and to whom it will hold any value. It's a big question. It's a big decision."


CALL/VoCA Talk: Ted Kurahara from Voices in Contemporary Art on Vimeo.

Ted Kurahara: "The essence of being an artist, or this thing we call art, is not only in people, but it's in material, it's in trees, it's in sky, it's in nature. And it's there to be exposed, I think."