Watch: CALL/VoCA Talks

We are pleased to announce that the full-length videos from the second season of CALL/VoCA Talks, hosted in collaboration with VoCA, are now available online. This second year of collaboration with VoCA included talks with four CALL Artists: Blane De St. Croix, Henrietta Mantooth, Otto Neals, and Emmett Wigglesworth. As VoCA writes: "In these conversations, Blane discusses his sculptural practice as a way to reflect on climate change; Henrietta shines a light on equally important social concerns of mass incarceration via her 'New Jim Crow' project; Otto invites viewers to reflect on the artist’s role as an instrument for forces beyond us; and Emmett implores us to access our creativity to help a world in turmoil. At each turn, these dialogues serve as a welcome reminder of why art matters and inspire us to imagine how it can be a catalyst for change."

The videos, along with artwork and interviews with the artists, are available on our artist profile pages below: 

➔ Blane De St. Croix

➔ Henrietta Mantooth

➔ Otto Neals

➔ Emmett Wigglesworth

Thank you to the artists and VoCA for continuing and deepening the conversation on artists' legacies. See more Talks on VoCA's site: