Joan Mitchell Center Artists-in-Residence (AIR) Program

Artist-in-Residence Program

To complement its grant programs and deepen its relationships with artists, the Foundation opened the New Orleans-based Joan Mitchell Center in 2015 to host artist residencies, providing working and living spaces on the Center’s two-acre campus. The Foundation’s decision to locate the residency program in New Orleans was, in part, a continuation of its commitment to the city’s creative community following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Open to the Foundation’s grant recipients and to local New Orleans artists who apply for studio space, the vision for the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program at the Center is to provide that crucial element—time and space for artistic contemplation and experimentation—while offering artists opportunities to engage with arts professionals, partner arts organizations, and others in the community.

All resident artists are provided with private studio space at the Center, along with a stipend and communal dinners. Additionally, those artists traveling to the Center from outside New Orleans are provided with on-site lodging and financial support to transport necessary materials and works. Establishing opportunities for local artists in New Orleans remains a critical aspect of the Foundation’s work at the Center, and every Artist-in-Residence cycle includes a selection of artists from the city. Since the Foundation first began hosting artists in temporary residency spaces in New Orleans in 2013 through the present day, it has hosted over 200 artists (artist profiles linked below).

The residency program is complemented by a roster of public programs that serve the broader community of New Orleans. Regular events such as Community Coffee, AIR Share Dinners, and Open Studios invite locals to meet the artists and engage with the Center. Artists also have access to professional training and advisement, including studio visits with curators, and consultations and workshops with arts, business, and legal professionals.

As a welcoming and inclusive site for artists, the Center is a place for creation, innovation, and transformation.

Residency Eligibility & Selection Process
There are currently three selection tracks for residencies at the Joan Mitchell Center. Each spring, artists based in New Orleans are invited to apply for five-month residencies through an open call. Applications are reviewed by an anonymous independent panel comprised of artists, curators, art historians, and leaders from a variety of arts organizations.

On the national level, previous recipients of Joan Mitchell Foundation grants—which include the Painters & Sculptors Grants, Emerging Artist Grants, MFA Grants, and Emergency Grants—are invited to apply for one- to three-month residencies. Individuals who have served as Artist-Teachers for the Foundation are also able to apply. Applications are likewise reviewed by an anonymous independent jury, which makes final selections.

As part of the Foundation’s efforts to reach and support a wide spectrum of artists, additional residency spots are held for partnerships and organizational initiatives.

At this time, we only accept residency applications from artists in the groups detailed above.

Artists-in-Residence, 2013-present


Artists-in-Residence: Spring / Summer 2020
Sarah Amos
Scott Andresen
Olive Ayhens
Andrea Carlson
Cindy Cheng
Yanira Collado
M. Florine Demosthene
LaToya M. Hobbs
Sedrick Huckaby
Ariston Jacks
Lisa Jarrett
Yashua Klos
Daniela Leal
Deborah Luster
Kaori Maeyama
Rose Nestler
Jamea Richmond-Edwards
Rebecca Rose
Elizabeth Simonson
Stephanie Syjuco
Hui-Ying Tsai
Jose Villalobos
Antoine Williams

Artists-in-Residence: Fall / Winter 2020
Elenora “Rukiya” Brown
Oreen Cohen
Pamela Council
Lauren Davies
Theo Eliezer
AnnieLaurie Erickson
L. Kasimu Harris
Elana Herzog
Ebony G. Patterson
Pat Phillips
Juan Carlos Quintana
Julia Rooney
Katy Schimert
Laura Spector


Artists-in-Residence: Spring 2019
John Barnes
Gus Bennett
Melissa Brown
Ruth Leonela Buentello
Michael Dixon
John Yoyogi Fortes
Jacqueline Gopie
Shana Kaplow
Jamil Khoury
Michael Meads
Kristin Meyers
Shani Peters
Christopher Saucedo
Carlie Trosclair

Artists-in-Residence: Summer 2019
Gabrielle Garcia-Steib
Dillon Gardener
Laura Kina
Hakeem Olayinka
Em Minyard Oppman
Stephanie Patton
Amy Schissel
Jave Yoshimoto

Artists-in-Residence: Fall 2019
Sean Gerard Clark
Veronique d'Entremont
Marianne Desmarais
Yukiyo Kawano
Athena LaTocha
Beili Liu
Lucy Puls
Devin Reynolds
Joey Slaughter
Jared Theis
Eric Waters
Sherri Lynn Wood


Artists-in-Residence: Spring 2018
Laylah Ali
Nicole Awai
Rema Ghuloum
Louise Mouton Johnson
Gary Kachadourian
Jessica Lagunas
David Lozano
James Luna
Gina Phillips
Tracy Snelling
Travis Somerville
John W. Taylor
Ashley Teamer
John Isiah Walton

Artists-in-Residence: Summer 2018
Emery Gluck
Henry Lipkis
Ron Morrison
Valerie Piraino
Alannah Sears
Sada Spence

Artists-in-Residence: Fall 2018
Regina Agu
Jo Cattell

Hannah Chalew
Adriana Corral
Cecelia Fernandes
Heidi Lau
David Leggett
Daniel Lind-Ramos
Natalie McLaurin
Ralph Pugay
Paul Rucker
Bob Snead
Vincent Valdez
Cullen Washington Jr.


Artists-in-Residence: Spring 2017
James Adam Bateman
Tyanna Buie
Denise Burge
Vanessa Centeno
Elena del Rivero
James G. Denomie
Clifton J. Faust
Lilian Garcia-Roig
Ghost of a Dream: Lauren Was & Adam Eckstrom
Rashawn Griffin
Tom Holmes
Horton Humble
Janelle Iglesias
Beth Krebs
Anne Nelson
Sean Riley
Carlos Rolón
Jacqueline Noel Tileston
Amanda Valdez
Monica Ann Zeringue 

Artists-in-Residence: Summer 2017
Cecile Chong
Scherezade Garcia-Vazquez
Crystal Henry
Heather Holden
Alison Owen 
Devin Reynolds
Amy Sherald 
Antonia A. Perez
Alex Taylor
Caleb Taylor
Alexandra Unthank
Audreamia Wardlow

Artists-in-Residence: Fall 2017
Terrence Campagna
Gregory W. Coates 
Lee Deigaard 
Vanessa Diaz 
Maren Hassinger
Satch Hoyt
Roberto Jamora
Maider López

Lina Puerta 
Stacy Lynn Waddell
Lorna Williams 
Paula Wilson 
Jessica Vogel Brown 


Artists-in-Residence: Spring 2016
Firelei Báez
Aron Belka, Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Kajahl Benes
Susan Berger 
Blake Boyd
Nyame Brown
william cordova 
Esperanza Cortés 
Paul Deo 
Blane De St. Croix 
Jane Dickson 
Adriana Farmiga 
Jesus Gonzalez Flores 
Asuka Goto 
Mei-ling Hom 
Shawne Major
Gabriel Martinez 
Alison Owen 
Bruce Pearson 
Ryan Pierce  
Vitus Shell 
Duane Slick 
Chloe St. Etienne, Emerging Artist-in-Residence 
Whiting Tennis 
Amanda Valdez 
Jina Valentine 
Samantha Wall 
Peter Williams 

Artists-in-Residence: Summer 2016
Juan Chavez
Andrea Chung
Michael Hall
Maren Hassinger
Liz Miller
Carrie Moyer & Sheila Pepe
Kurt Nahar
Mary Ting
Georgia Wall
Jason Yi

Artists-in-Residence: Fall 2016
Jonathan Bauch
Diedrick Brackens
Ana Hernandez, Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Jane Irish
Henrietta Mantooth
Colleen McCubbin Stepanic
Laini Nemett
Brandan Odums
Rodrigo Pecci
Robert Pruitt
Lee Renninger
Matthew Rosenbeck, Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Kevin Sampson 
Joshua Short 
Donald Varnell
Dyani White Hawk


Artists-in-Residence: Fall 2015
Lauren Adams 
Xenobia Bailey 
James Biederman
Pamela Cardwell 
Cecilia Givens, Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Julie Green 
Heather Hart, Community Engaged Artist-in-Residence
Robert Hodge
Miro Hoffmann, Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Lehna Huie
Vandana Jain
Lavar Munroe
Glexis Novoa
Helen O'Leary
Maia Cruz Palileo
Lisa Sigal
Roy Staab
Shoshanna Weinberger
Philemona Williamson
Paul Wright, Emerging Artist-in-Residence

New Orleans Local Artist (NOLA) Studio Program: 2013-2014 Pilot
In 2013, Joan Mitchell Center piloted a year-long program for ten New Orleans-based visual artists, developed to support the artistic careers of emerging painters and sculptors whose work exhibited exceptional potential and who demonstrated a need for a dedicated professional workspace. Artists selected received free use of a studio, a materials stipend for five months, and professional development support over the full length of the pilot. Additionally, during the Prospect.3 biennial, the work of the participants was seen in the exhibition “Convergence: JMC @ Prospect.3”, at the Center’s Rampart Street studios, curated by artist, scholar and MacArthur Fellow Deborah Willis (Ph.D., New York University). The catalog is available for free download here, and available for on-demand printing here. To learn more about the exhibition, please read the full press release here.

NOLA Studio Program 2013-2014 Artists
Katrina Andry
Aaron Collier
Jer’Lisa Devezin
Dave Greber
Norah Lovell
Mario Padilla
Brooke Pickett
Rontherin Ratliff
Ayo Scott
Carl Joe Williams

Artist-in-Residence Program: 2013 Pilot

To establish best practices for the Artist-in-Residence Program, the Joan Mitchell Center ran a pilot session from January to June of 2013. The Center welcomed twenty-four nationally recognized visual artists to participate, selected from applications submitted by previous recipients of the of the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Painters & Sculptors and MFA Grant Programs. During this test phase, artists were provided lodging at the Center and the use of nearby studios, located on historic Rampart Street in the French Quarter. The use of the off-site studios allowed the development of the Artist-in-Residence Program during the interim period of construction of the Center’s on-site artist studio building.

Artists-in-Residence: 2013 Pilot
John Ahearn
Rollin Beamish
Rosalyn Bodycomb
Terrence Campagna
Kaili Chun
Bruce Davenport, Jr.
Keith Duncan
Dahlia Elsayed
Gwen Fabricant
Rema Ghuloum
Ed Giordano, Jr.
Mei-ling Hom
Sarah McEneaney
Kayla Mohammadi
Ryan Pierce
John Powers
Raymond Saa
Alison Saar
Vitus Shell
Arthur Simms
Whiting Tennis
Thomas Tucker
Samantha Wall
Mel Ziegler