Artists-in-Residence (AIR) Program Fall / Winter 2020 Oreen Cohen

Joan Mitchell Center Artist-in-Residence

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Oreen Cohen

Pittsburgh, PA
September 8 - October 16

Oreen Cohen grew up between the Rust Belt of the United States and Israel, currently living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. Oreen received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture (2014) from Carnegie Mellon University and a BFA (2008) in Painting at the University at Buffalo. She has been active over the past sixteen years in exhibitions and public commissions nationally and internationally, building work in challenging sites to confront the potentiality of material, body, and space in sculpture, painting, drawing, public art, intervention, and video performance.

“My process thrives on new challenges that guide the discovery of materiality and form in constructed conglomerations of material. I labor using my physical body and its presence as a tool to unlock potential narrative interactions with material in a place.” 

  • Unfurl (installation view), August 2018, fifty paintings: (wax, paper, stains, latex paint, plaster gauze, metal washers, household chemicals) on canvas, mounted on scrap wood lattice wall. Six sculptures: scrap metal, found objects, wax, stains, plaster, wire, venetian blinds, wood, hardware), 19 x 12 x 3 feet

  • Flighting Bore, 3/2019, paper maché using old hand towels, house paint, india ink, tempura, sweepings and paper floor coverings from my studio floor, wicker, fan blade casing, paper lantern, plastic netting, wood stains, plaster, sawdust, salt, sand, gravel, moss, flour, candle wicks, wax, tripod, towel rack, baling wire, metal candle stick holders, hair nets, paper funnels, paper lamp shades, glass shards, plaster, wooden doll chairs, horse hair, cotton, wire sheathing, 12 x 4 x 3 feet

  • Darkest Dark Series: Mare, 2018, charcoal, water, eraser, archival paper, 42 x 72 inches

  • Oreen Cohen

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