Artists-in-Residence (AIR) Program Spring / Summer 2020 Lisa Jarrett

Joan Mitchell Center Artist-in-Residence

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Lisa Jarrett

Portland, OR
June 22 - July 31

Lisa Jarrett is an artist and educator. She is Assistant Professor of Community and Context Arts at Portland State University. Jarrett exhibits nationally and co-founded/co-directs KSMoCA (King School Museum of Contemporary Art)—a museum inside a K-5 public school—in Northeast Portland, OR. Her intersectional practice considers the politics of difference within a variety of settings, including: schools, landscapes, fictions, racial imaginaries, studios, communities, museums, galleries, walls, mountains, mirrors, floors, rivers, and lenses. She exists and makes socially engaged work within the African Diaspora. She recently discovered that her primary medium is questions.

“My work contemplates the necessity of imagination as a person whose history, to a fault, is untraceable due to the violence of slavery in the United States and the ongoing attempts at cultural erasure that colonialism demands. My practice is a site of humanity and an act of resistance.” 

  • Migration Studies (No. 5), 2019, mixed media, Jac-o-Net No. 255 Bouffant size hair net, graphite, collage, mulberry paper, 56.5 x 30 inches

  • Imagining Home—100 Exercises in Empathy (part 3) participant process, 2018-present (ongoing), human hair

  • Imagining Home—100 Exercises in Empathy (part 3) installation, 2018, Laserjet print on vinyl, acrylic substrate, variable, 10.5 inch diameter per panel

  • Lisa Jarrett

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