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Mario Padilla

Born in Colombia, Mario completed a MFA at New York Academy of Art in Manhattan (2008), subsequently working as an Artist-in-Residence at Leung King Community Center in Hong Kong. Currently, he is the Honors Art Teacher at International School of Louisiana in New Orleans. He is on the Board of Directors of the oldest non-profit youth arts organization in New Orleans (YA/YA), and he curates and organizes art exhibitions for a local community center. His work has been shown in Miami, Houston, New York, and more. In addition to gallery exhibitions, his work was featured as part of the large-scale Art of the Americas international exhibition in Miami in 2006.

Artist's website:

  • Nina, 2011, oil painting on wood, 52 x 52 inches.

  • Daly, 2011, oil painting on linen, 48 x 12 inches.

  • Home of the Blues, 2011, oil painting on canvas, 48 x 48 inches.

  • Beto, 2012, oil painting on canvas, 60 x 48 inches.

  • Bruce, 2012, oil painting on wood, 60 x 60 inches.

  • Sculptures (various), 2011-2012, recycled lumber, about 20 x 12 inches each.

  • Second Line, 2013, oil painting on linen, 36 x 36 inches.

  • Hot Blues, 2013, oil painting on linen, 48 x 24 inches.

All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.