Education Programs About our Artist-Teachers

Emmanuella Aristil received her MA from NYU Steinhardt in 2012 and her BA from Brooklyn College 2005. Emmanuella specializes in video art, mixed media and photography. Her work deconstructs the ideal standard of beauty and beauty artifacts found within western society.

Natalie Beall received her MFA from Columbia University in 2009. Natalie specializes in sculpture and installation. She manipulates fabric, window screen and other materials to create abstract wall sculptures.

Alan Calpe received his BA from the University of Florida and his MFA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego. His work intersects video with performance, animation and sculpture, emphasizing bodily labor as both material and subject that moves between mundane and otherworldly ritual.

Gabino Abraham Castelán is a Mexican artist who lives and works in New York City. He obtained his BFA from Hunter College in 2012. His work investigates the sociocultural evolution through out the different ages, cultural, and social developments. It aims to strengthen human relationships by engaging with the public realm - the streets, the open social and culture space. He does this through rescuing, preserving and recycling the materials, which come from the streets. He calls them Dead-Humble Objects. His murals and sculptures, the so-called "Tension-Sculptures", have drawings of images he finds in books on history, culture and society. He also includes personal pictures, and pictures of working people in urban communities. His questions aim to provoke human reflection and formalize social thinking.

Cevan Castle works in architecture, sculpture, furniture, and landscape design.  She received an M.Arch from Columbia University in 2012 and a BFA from College for Creative Studies (Detroit, Michigan) in 2009, and was certified as a Master Gardener in 2006.

Jaqueline Cedar (BA, University of California, Los Angeles; MFA, Columbia University) currently teaches at the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has recently exhibited her paintings in New York and Los Angeles. Cedar's figurative paintings address ideas of self-awareness, control, and immobility, staging a potential but arrested movement toward knowledge or engagement.

Paul DeMuro was born (1981) and raised in Philadelphia. He grew up in a row house by 4 different cemeteries. His neighborhood had 4 cemeteries, where he hung out. His recent work is comprised of oil paintings that seek to understand the complexities of the emotional and physical world that is growing increasingly dependent upon electric technologies.

Wolfgang Ryan studied film at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, before moving West as a young man.  After extensive travel as far as Micronesia, he returned East to settle in Brooklyn, New York, where he set to work on an ongoing material and cultural salvage project. 

Noah Furman received his BA from Colorado College in 2006. He is an MFA candidate at Hunter College (expected 2015). He works primarily in painting and performance art, and is interested in art-making as a vehicle for philosophical exploration and mystical experience.

Rina Goldfield received her BFA from the Cooper Union in 2010. She mostly makes paintings and drawings.

Lehna Huie received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2010. Lehna Huie specializes in painting and installation art. She is an arts educator, curator and cultural organizer dedicated to collaborative work and collective sharing. Lehna Huie's artwork reflects the power of “multi-vocal” art; it gives voice to the embodiment of culture: critique, celebration, and transformation.

Beth Krebs makes site responsive installations and drawings. She got her MFA at Rutgers in 2004. Her work celebrates the earnest, heroic, and always botched human efforts at transcendence.

Andres Laracuente was born in San Antonio Texas and raised up in Tennessee and Indiana. He studied art at The School Of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently studying at Hunter College for MFA. Since 2006 he has been living and working in New York, exhibiting locally and internationally.

Lauren Luloff received her MFA from Milton Bard College in 2010 and her BFA from Pennsylvania State University in 2001. Lauren's work blends oil painting with collage, drawing influences from recent trips to India where she studied traditional block printing. Lauren's work is often expressive and sculptural, emphasizing it's own physicality as an object in space.

Lael Marshall graduated as Meisterschülerin from Die Akademie der Bildenden Künste (MFA equivalent) and currently works out of her studio in Brooklyn, New York. She has shown in galleries and art institutions both nationally and internationally. She is a painter using oil on canvas, but often incorporates non-traditional artist materials in her work, such as dish towels, vacuum cleaner bags, thread, or soap.

Carlos Mateu studied mechanical drawing, and completed his formal art education at The National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba. Carlos also works as a graphic designer. His paintings fuse elements of cubism with realism, using straight lines and intense colors of acrylic, which are applied in layers like silkscreen. He calls his style geometric realism.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Rose Nestler currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where she is a residing artist at a Chashama Studio Program in the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Through installation, drawing, and sculpture, Nestler develops spaces that are illusionary yet familiar. Themes of historical architecture, ornamental objects and untamed natural landscapes create the formal basis for her works. Nestler received a BA in Fine Arts and Art History from Mt. Holyoke College in 2005 and now works as a Artist-Teacher for The Joan Mitchell Foundation, Brooklyn Arts Council, Free Arts NYC and Doing Art Together. Her work has been exhibited in the New York area at a variety of galleries and community organizations including, CUCHIFRITOS Gallery and Project Space, NY Studio Gallery, Arts @ Renaissance, International Studio and Curatorial Program, Proteus Gowanus and the NARS Foundation. Nestler has been an artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center, Supporting Women Artists Project and Byrdcliffe Artists Colony.

Alison Owen received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2005. Alison Owen makes site-responsive installations that alter the environment in subtly invasive ways, calling attention to the underlying materials and activities of everyday life.

Maia Cruz Palileo is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in sculpture, painting, installation, drawing, and animation. Influenced by oral history of her family’s arrival in America from the Philippines, she infuses these narratives with memory and imagination, addressing themes of migration and the permeable concept of home.

Maia received her MFA from Brooklyn College in 2008. She is additionally a Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant Program recipient.

Antonia Perez, born and raised in New York City, received her Master of Fine Arts from Queens College, City University of New York. She makes sculptures from discards she collects such as plastic bags, empty tissue boxes and other disposable packaging.

Zachary Zeke Podgorny was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He received his MFA from The Ohio State University and his BFA from Tyler School of Art. His work has been shown in Philadelphia, New York, Columbus, and Vienna, Austria. Zachary recently completed the Galveston Artist Residency in East Texas, and is now living and working in New York City.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Anne Polashenski received her MFA in Combined Media from Hunter College. She primarily creates paintings and collages that deal with ideas of camouflage, as well as cultural identity using decorative patterns. Anne Polashenski currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Rebeca Raney received her MFA from SVA in 2005. Rebeca creates drawings and vibrant upholstered sculptures. Rebeca Raney is transfixed by storytelling and the creation of a dynamic world populated by the characters she imagines.

Jaffia Royes received her Bachelor degree from Florida State University. Jaffia specializes in painting and drawing. Her paintings focus on race and sexual exploitation throughout history and its current influence on pop culture. Jaffia is also a portrait artist.

Denise Schatz was born in Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA from Hunter College with a concentration in drawing. Schatz started the small press Miniature Garden in 2007, which publishes collaborative artist books. She currently works in Brooklyn, NY.

Gretchen Scherer received a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated with an MFA from Hunter College in 2006. She was awarded a Graf travel grant to Berlin and attended Skowhegan Residency. Her work has been included in group shows in New York, Chicago, LA and Boston as well as one solo show in New York. She is a painter currently living and working in Brooklyn.

Rebecca Volinsky received her MFA from Parsons, The New School for Design in 2012 and her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. Rebecca's artistic practice is multidisciplinary and includes explorations in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and writing.

Georgia Wall received her MFA from SAIC in 2011. Wall creates video and performance work through a multi-disciplinary practice that considers the act of viewing, and the generative space created through distance and concealment.

Sharon Wouters received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and New School and is a practicing artist who uses mixed media. Presently she is working with wood, glass and oils in her lower east side studio.

After graduating Parsons, Sher primarily worked in the children's industry illustrating and propping for many years. Now, she works from her studio in lower Manhattan etching on glass and painting on paper.

Monika Zarzeczna works mainly in drawing, sculpture and installation. She is interested in the intellectual perception of made images. Zarzeczna’s recent sculptures are looking for an identity in discarded shapes. Her drawings wonder what memories look like. Monika Zarzeczna received her BFA from AHK in Amsterdam and HKU in Utrecht in the Netherlands.