Please note: Joan Mitchell Foundation is not currently offering any studio or portfolio development classes. Through the end of 2017, the Foundation is focusing on research and piloting innovative educational opportunities for the artist community. We look forward to sharing the new education model with you in 2018. 

For those families looking for new art program opportunities, we have created a comprehensive resource directory of various ongoing youth art programs and opportunities in the NYC area. The free booklet is available to download here.

Read on to learn about our past programming.

All participants enrolled in the Joan Mitchell Foundation's Art Education Program were eligible to receive group and individual support through the range of programs that Student Opportunities & Support (SOS) provided. SOS was not necessarily a structured program, but a holistic philosophy and approach to developing students as artists, and supporting their multi-faceted needs in becoming professionals.

Programs were designed to give participants the most rewarding experience possible by recognizing that each student is different and has their own unique set of strengths and challenges. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and confidential space to our students, and strive to build relationships through a foundation of trust and inclusivity.