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What programs were you in and what was your impression of them?
Saturday Studios and jumpstART. These programs were great because I was able to learn a lot about art and develop my skills as an artist so I can apply them in my future career.

What influenced you most while in the program?
The thing that influenced me was the cool projects we had the opportunity to work on. There were certain things I wasn’t able to do either at home or at school that Joan Mitchell Foundation's programs allowed me to do and be creative.

What was most challenging?
What was most challenging was doing the kinds of things I don’t normally do in my art and types of things I am not used to. At the time it was drawing for me, because I was always into building and sculpting.

What advice can you give to other young artists?
You can be whatever you want. If you focus on that and work hard you will be able to accomplish that.

What artists are most important to you?
Ryan and Trevor Oakes and Alex Gavryushenko are my favorite artisst and most important to me, because the both do something different with their art work that others don’t: they experiment a lot. Ryan and Trevor Oakes are twins, who make these really cool panoramic frames and drawings, giving the illusion that you are there. But my favorite is Alex Gavryushenko, in addition to doing wood panels and prints, he makes toys, and applies his knowledge of screenprinting to his toys.

What are your goals for your future in art?
Right now, I am accomplishing my dream to becoming a toy designer. I am a toy design student at FIT. My goal is to graduate the program and work in the industry making toys and improve my skills as an artist and designer.

What would you say to a young person considering a Joan Mitchell Foundation art program?
I would say to who ever is considering a Joan Mitchell Foundation art program is that their programs allow me and everyone else to meet people, make art with resources I wasn’t able to get and be creative. Without their help I don’t know where I would be today, just like they helped me to follow my dreams they will do the same for you.

Joseph is attending Fashion Institute of Technology, and is in his junior year working towards a BFA in Toy Design. During the summer of 2015, Joseph will be interning at K'Nex toys, moving towards his career goal as a toy designer. 

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