Joan Mitchell On Mitchell

“Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter”

Written, directed, and co-produced by Marion Cajori (1992)
A Christian Blackwood Co-Production
Arthouse Films
Cinematography: Ken Kobland
Editing: Grace Tankersley
58:00 minutes long with interviews by Elizabeth Hess and Marion Cajori.

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"The best thing about Marion Cajori's study of Joan Mitchell, the Abstract Expressionist painter who died in October at the age of 66, is the way it makes a complete emotional portrait of the toweringly acerbic artist by interweaving her conversation with shots of works that reveal her vulnerable inner life...The gorgeous shots of Mitchell's canvases, intercut with scenes of Paris and of Vetheuil and its environs, offer eloquent visual testimony to Mitchell's appetite for being in the moment. The canvases have grand chaotic romanticism. While celebrating the physical universe with an ecstatic love of color, they don't shy away from expressing a harsh, feral apprehension of nature and its violence."
— Steven Holden, New York Times, April 14, 1993